Tips to Promote Your Blog for Free

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You can easily promote your blog online for free. There are a number of ways to easily gain traffic by networking and a bit of diligence! Here are some great tips to promote your blog for free.

Register Your Blog

Register your blog on internet directories. It’s free, easy and effective website promotion. Be sure your blog is ready because some directories review your site to make sure it meets specific requirements. Submit it to sites like Google,, etc.

Join Forums

Forums are an excellent source of free promotion for your blog. Don’t just join the forum and promote your blog. You need to engage with other members, be active and be nice. You can include your blog url in your signature or cleverly post about it when talking with other members. It’s instant free promotion and the visitors will start coming.

If you have a travel blog, join travel forums. If you have a blog about your pets, join a pet forum. Get involved!

Write a Press Release

Press releases are a great way to advertise your site for free. Write up a couple of paragraphs about your new blog or a service you offer. You can submit them to newspapers, e-zines, friends, colleagues and other media sites. You can find hundreds of free press release distribution sites online. It will generate a nice flow of traffic too!

I submit press releases to sites like ProfNet and If you’ve given yourself a startup budget, PRWeb is an excellent source to submit your press release. Generate buzz forever with an online press release!

Create a Banner Ad

Create a banner ad that advertises your blog. You can ask other bloggers if they would like to swap ads. I was able to do this when I first got started. It’s a great way to help one another too. Once you meet other bloggers you can also take part in linky hops where each blogger adds their image to a linky and fans can hop to each blog.

Create an Article

Write an article that is in your niche. Say you have a blog about kids, you could write an article on the best toys for kids at a certain age. Somewhere in the article you can mention your website. The article works as an advertorial and also free website promotion.

Be Friendly Online

The blogging world is full of nice bloggers and not-so-nice bloggers. Trust me, I have encountered both at events. I have found it is best to be nice and get along with everyone. Don’t burn bridges! The blog and pr world is much smaller than you think. They all talk and word travels fast in the blogosphere. Plus, being nice means they might just link to your or swap that banner ad with you. It’s always great to keep established contacts to exchange links.

Word of Mouth

I’ve always said nothing beats word of mouth when it comes to marketing or promoting anything. Share your blog posts on social media or link a url into a conversation. If your online friends like what they read they will definitely share it!

Facebook Groups

I am a member of a number of Facebook groups that include other great bloggers. We work together to share and promote one another’s content. It is a great way to gain more traffic to your blog and create new relationships and contacts. Network, network, network!

You really can promote your blog for free. With social media and a good following the traffic will start rolling in!

Do you have your own blog? What are your tips on promoting it and gaining more traffic without spending a dime?

Sep, 26, 2014