Networking to Increase Blog Traffic

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Networking, networking, networking! I can’t stress how important networking among other bloggers is for anyone starting a blog. Reach out to veteran bloggers. Let them know you are just starting out and are looking to increase your following. Many won’t respond, but if you keep trying one will offer their advice. One of my favorite bloggers responded to me when I first started. She gave me a few excellent tips to get going. Plus, it’s a great way to get encouraged and inspired!

The blogger I contacted invited me to a private facebook group. It was a large group of bloggers that held a giveaway every week. The group administrators acquired the giveaway sponsor so it did not cost me a dime out of my own pocket for promotion on my blog. Along with the other members, I was responsible for promoting the weekly giveaways. The first week I joined I increased my Facebook fan page by over 2,000 fans.

I continued to stay with the group for several months, but I was not gaining any new followers from the group. As my traffic and fan base grew, I was no longer able to devote the time needed to promote these weekly giveaways. I decided to join other groups with different bloggers in each group. You need to network among various groups to keep gaining new fans and new visitors to your website.

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Sep, 26, 2014