Familiarize Yourself with WordPress Dashboard Basics

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Once you have installed wordpress you now have your very own blog! Congratulations!

I suggest familiarizing yourself with the wordpress dashboard basics before starting your very first blog post. These are all located on the left of your screen once you have logged in to your wordpress admin as shown below. Many people call this the back-end of your

wordpress dashboard


Here you will find sub-menus to change and customize your theme, menu, header, widgets, background and use the editor for more complex changes.


Manage your images and videos you will include on your website. I normally add my images and videos directly in each post but do what works best for you.


Here you can add new categories, posts, tags and manage each of these through the posts sub-menus. Once you have added a few posts you can also go here to edit existing content. Before adding my first post I set-up my categories. You can always add new ones or change them.


Under settings you can change general settings for your blog, permalinks, etc.


Add essentials plugins for your wordpress blog such as for SEO, optimization, etc. I will cover these in a new post.