Domain, Hosting, and Software for Your WordPress Blog

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You can start blogging without spending a dime and learn the basics of blogging by using or However, I highly recommend purchasing your own domain and hosting. These can be purchased for just a few dollars per month. You can install WordPress to your own server and the best part is that you will be your own boss.

Purchase Domain and Hosting

If you do not run your blog on your own domain, such as blogger, you can risk losing it or being unable to earn as much income as you could if you were self-hosted. You gain a large amount of credibility when you host your own blog. You can also set up your own email associated with that domain. For instance, if you own your email can be Companies are much more likely to respond to you if you have your own email address associated with your blog.

When purchasing your hosting, you can start with a plan that has a small amount of disk space. Make sure you choose the option Linux operating system instead of Windows. Trust me, your life will be easier if you select Linux. I use for all of my domains and hosting. If you have more than one domain, it is much easier to maintain if you have them through one place. Often times your hosting provider will provide you with an easy option to install WordPress to your server. Please don’t confuse with the WordPress software available at GoDaddy now offers a quick solution by offering WordPress Site/Blog hosting so it is set up for you.

Install WordPress

If you need to download WordPress, go to to download the latest version and install it to your server. Read the documentation provided to install it correctly to your server. This is an open source software program, which means it was built by volunteers. They also offer a how to guide and a lot of community support. In the image below I am displaying the home page to To download WordPress you need to click on the red or blue download links. You can read toward the bottom of the page “It’s Easy As…” section and find the documentation.

wordpress setup

Want us to walk you through the set-up or do this for you? We offer consulting services and blog set-up/design for very reasonable prices.

Sep, 26, 2014