Content and SEO for Your WordPress Blog

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Content is King

You absolutely must continue to focus on content that is related to your site or niche. For instance, if you are a family friendly blog you would not blog about adult products. Readers like consistency and they want to know when they come to your blog that they will find what they have come to love. Besides, that’s why they followed your blog in the first place.

Don’t just write up a post in a few minutes. Make sure it’s written with lots of love and shows your personality. AND absolutely, please, I’m begging you… check your spelling! WordPress has a built-in spell checker, please use it.

It is good for SEO to include relevant keywords. You can use the free Google AdWords tool to see if your product has high search volume and to find relevant keywords. Once in Adwords, click on Tools at the top and “search for new keywords and ad group ideas.”

Google AdWords tool

We have hosted a few Monster High Doll giveaways, so let’s use that as an example. I entered the word or phrase “monster high doll” to find keyword ideas. Adwords will give me keyword ideas to use in my content. If we only used “Monster High Dolls” we would be competing with thousands of competitors. I find it is best to use some narrower keywords with a lower search volume as well as your original keywords or phrase so you aren’t competing with so many other websites.

When creating your content you also must think about your title. The title tag is the main part of the text that describes your blog post. This is the single most important on-page part of your SEO. It is often in three key places including the top of your browser, search results pages, and external websites. Below is an example of how the Giveaway Bandit is seen when searched on Google.

giveaway bandit google

For example, don’t just use “Monster High Doll Review” as a title when you are reviewing a specific item. If you are reviewing and giving away a specific product like the Monster High Hydration Station, a good title would be “Monster High Hydration Station Review and Giveaway”. Below you can see that we are ranked in the top of Google search for this product giveaway.

giveaway bandit google

Homework: For your next blog post search keywords on Google and Adwords.

Sep, 26, 2014