Hello! I am Melanie Kampman, a 32 year old living on a farm in Northern Missouri. I have been married for nine years and our son is seven years old. I went to college majoring in pre-veterinarian science and took a break to move back to the farm. After several years of working from home selling Ebay and as an insurance agent for my dad I decided to learn web design and development. I took a few classes online but a majority was self-taught.

I specialized in fashion e-commerce design and development with a passion for photo manipulation. WordPress was also something I enjoyed and learned that the sky is the limit when it comes to designing and developing these sites. WordPress isn’t just for blogs anymore. Since my son was getting older he was very adamant in learning more about working on the computer and helping creating YouTube videos.

We decided to come up with a funny character based off of my son’s favorite movie, Smokey and the Bandit and give some things away to people online. Giveaway Bandit was merely created for enjoyment and something for my son to do indoors since he was constantly begging to go outside while I finish my work. We started getting a lot of fans on YouTube and quickly created a Facebook fan page. Within a few months we had thousands of followers. We had large companies contacting us to review and giveaway their products to get them in front of consumers. Quickly I became a social media expert. It is something I love and am very good at.

Although I still would love to become a veterinarian and have thought about going back to school for it many times, I do love what I do. I have been able to create a company with my son and teach him valuable business skills. We have worked with companies like American Express, Hoover and Sprint to bring consumers honest reviews and giveaway products that otherwise they might not be able to afford.